Common Ways To Earn Money Online


Looking for a job online?

Most of us haven’t finished school because of some reasons. Some were a graduate, but they don’t have a job yet. There are some fresh graduates but the demand for work wasn’t for them or what we called the job mismatch. When we’re experiencing this, it gives us stress and depression, right? But…

Have you ever wondered about how to earn money online? I always do wonder how these things work. It seems pretty cool because of the flexibility plus no hassle at all. I’ve seen this kind of thought and vision in a movie, and I got inspired. I want to be one of them, and of course, some of you do.

Before we start knowing how to earn money online, we also need to know the advantages and disadvantages. Based on my experienced and gathered information:


  • No hassle
  • Convenient
  • Flexible schedule
  • You don’t have to wear office attire
  • You only need a personal computer/smartphone, or tablet, and internet.
  • Easy money without extra effort


  • You may get scammed if you’re not wise enough!
  • There’s a possibility that your employer will not pay you according to what agreed upon
  • Wouldn’t be able to socialize in a team environment
  • Not stable, unlike regular job


And now, we’re going to list down the different common ways on how to making money online in any order.

Online Selling is the process or the act of selling a product, services or goods online using an internet. It can be done on different social media sites or any platforms as long as you’re using the internet.

Online Surveys it is one of the standard ways for you to earn money online. All you have to do is to complete a survey through the form of a questionnaire on the internet. These web forms have a database to store the finished review to provide them the statistical data. People are encouraged to do this because there’s  a high chance to win a prize or earn some money.

Online English Tutor is the new technical way to teach education to a student.  It’s common in Asia like in China and Japan. It pays well, especially you only need to work in a few hours with your own choice of schedule.

Home-based Jobs define as the workers that are working from home. Instead of working in a regular office, you just need a set-up on your computer and internet. Regardless, if it’s in your room, kitchen, living room, or any part of your house. It’s an excellent opportunity for the moms or single parent.

YouTuber this is the easiest way to earn money on YouTube. All you have to do is to create a unique channel, target your audience, make your videos catchy. Your earnings will base on the target views in each of your videos.

Make your own website is also a good idea to start earning money online. You have to share your thoughts, ideas, what you love to do, etc. In blogging, you also have a target audience and views on your website to make a profit. The most important thing in this type of business is that you’re enjoying doing it.

These are just steps in making money online. It will give you a beneficial information on how to doing this if you’re interested. Success comes with hard work. Earning money wasn’t always easy because you’ll still use your time, effort, and patience.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below, and I would be glad to answer you back.

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