FDA Administer The Suspension Of Anti-Dengue Vaccine

Suspension of Anti-Dengue Vaccine

DOJ Sec. Vitallano Aguirre orders the NBI to investigate if there’s a shortcoming, corruption, and neglect of the Anti-Vaccine Drive. It conducted under the administration of Former President Benigno S. Aquino. More than 700,000 grade 4 pupils ages 9 and above received the vaccine using the Dengvaxia of Sanofi Pasteur. It is a French-based pharmaceutical company.

The Secretary wants to know why they pursued the vaccination though they know it’s new and there’s a warning of its side-effects. The Sanofi Pasteur said that there’s a possibility that it’s possible to have a severe dengue for those who got vaccinated in it especially those who haven’t had dengue yet.

Is it correct though it’s just four months since its manufacture then there has been a signal? After that, the Sanofi Pasteur who manufactured the Dengvaxia released a warning to our government officials. Our next question to that, did they follow or send it to all the officials of DOH (Department of Health)? DOJ Sec. said.

The government’s vaccination program put on hold after the manufacture raised health concerns concerning the vaccine. According to our public health experts, they don’t just let to enter a new vaccine in the health programs of the government. They also said that it is just for the only small subject that the DOH asked for approval for Dengvaxia.

Dr. Tony Leachon said, they should have scaled down first not 1 million kids or let say, 100,000 people that you’re in control.


However, The Sanofi Pasteur Philippines said they would not pull out its Dengvaxia vaccine. In the middle of its advised not to prescribe it to patients who have not been infected by dengue in the past.┬áScientists recognized that the vaccine wasn’t perfect. And didn’t protect equally in opposition to four different types of virus concerning clinical tests. According to Dr. Ng Su Peing, “They have spoken with all the agencies, but none of them asked to recall the product.” In spite of, he added not to recommend vaccination for those who haven’t had dengue in the past.


In March 2016, since the implementation of the DOH under former health sec. Janet Garin of the Dengue Immunization Program that had a fund of 3.5 billion Php.

In the whole Asia, the Philippines is the first to implement this Public Vaccination Program using Dengvaxia. In the entire world, until now, only four countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and Brazil are the ones who give vaccine against dengue.

The Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) plans to file a suit against the massive vaccine program of the government. Even the Mabuhay Party-List Representative Lito Atienza intends to investigate the former officials of the DOH. And to those involved that approved the Anti-Dengue Drive in the House of Representatives.

Senator Risa Hontiveros asked DOH to make a database of children that were vaccinated but not infected, mostly in Luzon and Cebu areas.

Malaca├▒ang promised to hold responsible for a suspended dengue immunization program, which puts thousands of lives in danger.

Regarding the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine, the DOH opens service hotlines for questions. The hotlines are 711-1001 and 711-1002.


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