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Define a Blog

Honestly, I’m asking why I blog, what, and to whom am I blogging? This is not just a blog. A blog must be a day-to-day activity, an act of doing a business, or stories of your life. You don’t do blog to impress others. You’re doing it for the passion and because you love to write. Seriously, I haven’t read what’s the meaning of blog even though I have my own site.

Before anything else, let’s take down notes what’s a blog. I’ve read some sites and it says that a Blog(n) is a diary or personal writing that’s written in the Internet. A Blogger(n) is the one who writes and own the blog of a personal website. Blogging(v) is the act of writing a blog. A blog is written in informal or conversational type and it can be a short as long as you’ve come to the exact points. It can be whatever topic you want as long as you have an idea what you should write.

So, we‘re going back to the question of why I blog?

During my childhood days, I‘ve written a diary because it’s what I saw in my other classmates. I really don’t know what was a diary at that time and all I know is that it’s a personal secret. When I always try to do a journal or diary, I really can’t finish what I’ve started. Funny, isn’t? To tell you frankly, It’s just 2 days since I started blogging. Would you believe that before my blog started, I was able to read my old diary during my college days? I am a freshman way back in 2010 and after I read my old journal, I couldn’t help but to smile and laugh to what I wrote back in the old times. It made me really happy to reminisce the past. A few moments that our memory can remember, but it will last in your heart forever.

The good thing about blogging is we can read and remember the day we’ve written these things. I want to blog because it makes me peaceful, calm, and it refreshes my mind to the new trends or news. I’m starting to love that I am already a blogger because before I’m just visiting others blog. I’m sharing this to you because you’re my audience and I know that somehow you can relate to my posts. I want to serve a purpose and be an inspiration to my readers.

I know that a blog can be a good or bad. Please, do not ever use a blog to bully someone or to attack a certain person, company, or government. We’re living in a digital age to make things easier, especially when it comes to education, work, business, and etc. Don’t used internet for a bad purpose, instead we should live and write with a purpose in life.


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi



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