Why You Should Visit Philippines?

Most of us are wondering how fast the calendar changes every year. We can not notice this quickly, especially if you’re too exhaust from work. It’s the end of the month already and a brand new year is approaching. What comes after Christmas is, of course, the grand vacation! Do you have plans to visit other countries for the next summer? Well, I bet you do if you’re saving for it.

Here’s what our country has to offer:

Here, I’ll give you some ideas on why you should visit the Philippines. I’m going to tour you around the three major islands which are the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and it is according to our Department of Tourism. Now, let’s go first in Luzon.


As you can see in the minimap above, we have the Vigan, Banaue Rice Terraces, and Manila


The City of Vigan is the Capital of the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines. It’s declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is one of the few old structures in the Philippines that have mostly maintain original. It’s also well known for its streets that made of in cobblestone and the unique architecture during the colonial period. The historical place is a reminder to be once a royal city because it founded in the year 1572 and the design was inspired of the Old Manila in Intramuros by Juan de Salcedo. Up today, the 18th-century Castillian architecture remains and seen in some of the 150 stone houses which is famous as Mena Crisologo Street. You can also find souvenir shops, cozy inns, and museums in these old dwellings.

Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao Province of Cordillera describes as “the stairway to the sky.” It’s a place for the nature lovers especially to those who seeks adventure and cultural admiration. During days you can do biking, strolling, and trekking. In the evenings, you can build a campfire chats in the village or in indoor at the inns or lodges. It’s a leading destination in Asia when it comes to tourism. The size of this tourism site starts from the bottom of the Cordilleras up to several thousand feet high, and it could encircle half of the globe. This place has a lot to offer, and for sure it will give you a moment to treasure.


Manila  is described as the heart and soul, the Capital of the Philippines. It was born of a once Malay settlement of the Pasig River. In 1571, the Ever Loyal City of Manila was established by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, until 1898, it became the seat of colonial rule in Asia led by Spaniards. He also built the Intramuros called a city within walls. Manila is the core of the Philippines, which comprises of 7,641 islands and the center for the performing arts in Asia.


In this map, you can see the Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan. They are the top destinations in the Visayas.


Bohol is known for their Chocolate Hills in a series of entirely symmetrical 1,268 haycock-shaped hills that rise around 30 meters above the ground. It is a National Geological Monument because of its unique rock formations cast after a million years of evolution. It can see in the towns of Batuan, Carmen, and Sagbayan. During the onset of summer, the grass cover turns to brown. two hills developed and provided with facilities, including a restaurant, view deck, and a youth hostel.

No doubt that Boracay is indeed one of the top destination to visit in the Philippines. It was famous because of the white sand beaches and declared as one of the world’s top destinations. In 2012, the island rewarded as the best island in the world based on the Travel + Leisure, an international travel magazine. In 2014, another international magazine Condé Nast Traveler listed the island as the top Best Islands in the World. And it’s followed on their list last 2016 as Top 10 destinations to watch.


Cebu is one of the fantastic places to visit. It is known as The Gateway to a Thousand Journeys. The province has a lot to offer like the beaches, crystal clear waters, and all the high-end resort with a touch of modern living. The history of Cebu was famous because it’s where Ferdinand Magellan, planted the Cross of Christianity, a Portuguese navigator in the name of Spain in 1521. It’s already popular as an entry point among Asian merchants back in the history. The city emerged as a tourist destination with so many marine life to see especially for the divers.


At last, we have the Palawan located in the Western Visayas. Palawan is known as The Last Frontier because of its vast tracts of tropical rainforests and a huge of marine wilderness. The canopies of trees, fringing reefs, and many more. It has more safe places than any other areas in the Philippines. It named as a World Heritage Site for a diverse collection of fishes and marine life of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). A really must visit top destination in the Philippines. You shouldn’t miss any of this adventure, life experience because it’s worth it.


Now we’re in the bottom part of the Philippine Islands; we have the Mindanao.


Davao called the Land of Plenty because of their natural and cultural bounty of the land. It’s known as the straddle two worlds – the new and old. The richness of its history and culture are admirable.

The world’s most giant eagle has found refuge away from downtown Davao. It’s been the first ever Philippine Eagle that has been born in captivity and named Pag-Asa (Hope).

There’s also a discovered kind of orchid called waling-waling with an exceptional attribute.

The province claims to be the island flavors because their market is vast with different kinds of new kinds of seafood, grilled tuna jaw and dipped with a sauce made with natural lemon and soy sauce, meats, and fruits.

And the island adventure is a must have experience in Davao. There are so many things to do in this City because your eyes will be full of knowledge and an unforgettable moment.

I know you’re thrilled now for the coming summer, and neither am I! I’m so happy that I’ve made this post because I discovered something new about this top destinations. Remember, It’s not important who is/are your company when you’re on vacation, you only need to open your eyes and heart to feel the happiness that these places bring. I’ve never been to any of these sites, but for sure I’ll add them to my bucket list. It’s really more fun in the Philippines

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